Electric Vehicle Benefits

If you’re looking for a new car, consider going electric. Here are some great reasons to make the change.

Save Money on Transportation

Vehicles typically rank as the second largest expense in a household budget. An electric vehicle (EV) can offset this cost substantially by lowering fuel and maintenance bills. EV charging in New Jersey costs roughly 60 percent of the price of powering a standard gasoline vehicle for driving the same distance2.

Even if you charge your EV at a public station, it's still cheaper than fueling up with gasoline. When you charge at home, your savings increase greatly. There are various online tools that compare fueling costs between EVs and standard gasoline vehicles. To find out how much you can save by going electric, check our Online Resources.

Convenience and Reliability

The two eligible EV types share many of the same benefits over gas-powered cars, including drastically reduced fuel and maintenance costs. Of the two types of EVs, battery electric vehicles (BEVs) have the best savings opportunities since they will never require oil changes, new spark plugs, or emissions testing.

Did you know EVs offer regenerative braking? Regenerative braking utilizes the motor to slow the vehicle rather than the brake pads, extending the brake system lifespan and transferring braking energy to charge the battery, which extends the driving range. There are a host of other features that result in minimal maintenance for all EV types.

Reduced Environmental Impacts

Since transportation is the number one source of greenhouse gas emissions in New Jersey and about 30 percent of the state’s total smog comes from motor vehicles3, your car is a good place to start cutting air pollution. Even limited exposure to high levels of air pollution can irritate the eyes, throat, and lungs, especially for children and senior citizens. If you have a pre-existing respiratory condition, air pollution can aggravate and intensify your symptoms. Moving to an EV will help do your part to reduce these harmful irritants and may help increase EV adoption in your community.

For communities in areas with high air pollution, the effects may be much worse. Long-term exposure has been linked to cancer and damage to immune, neurological, and reproductive systems. The effects of air pollution are not always obvious, but its effects on public health are a serious matter.

Performance and Style

A feature of EVs that many don’t realize is how fun they are to drive. In fact, some of the fastest accelerating cars in production are electric. EVs have quick acceleration due to instant torque provided by electric motors.

EVs also are known for having great handling. Many EVs are designed with the battery pack positioned in the center of the vehicle, which lowers the vehicle’s center of gravity, providing superior weight distribution and stability, improving cornering, and minimizing rollover risk. Whether you want an SUV to haul the kids and their sports equipment, or a small sedan for commuting, there is an EV to fit your lifestyle. To see all available models, check out the vehicles eligible for an incentive Eligible Vehicles.

Strong Safety Record

Safety is a top concern with all vehicles, and EVs are no different. All vehicles go through rigorous testing to ensure they meet standard vehicle regulations, but EVs undergo additional tests for limiting battery spillage, proper securing of the battery, and isolating the chassis from the vehicle’s system to prevent electric shock.

Many EVs are designed with the battery pack positioned in the center of the vehicle, which lowers the vehicle’s center of gravity, provides superior weight distribution and stability, improves cornering, and minimizes rollover risk.


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