In-Home EV Charger Incentive

Save up to $250 on an EV Charger for Your Home

To advance electric vehicle (EV) adoption and support clean transportation in New Jersey, the Board of Public Utilities has approved $3 million for in-home EV charging incentives. Residents can receive up to $250 for the purchase and installation an eligible Level 2 charger (models listed below).

Residents and businesses may also qualify for an up to $1,000 tax credit from the federal government for an EV charger installation. For information, visit the U.S. Department of Energy website Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Tax Credit.

Residents may also qualify for incentives to cover the Make Ready cost through their electric utility. For more information check with your utility.

About EV Charging at Home

A Level 2 charging station installation requires a professional electrician to set up a dedicated 208-volt or 240-volt electrical circuit. Depending on battery type, charger configuration and circuit capacity, Level 2 charging adds about 15-35 miles of range per hour of charging time.

Eligibility Requirements for Home EV Charger

Eligibility Requirements for Home EV Charger

Submit these supporting documents with your application:

  • Proof of purchase of a Level 2 smart charger.
  • A scanned photo of the serial number on the charging equipment.
  • Copy of New Jersey driver’s license as proof of residence and a unique identifier.
  • Valid NJ EV registration showing a residential address in New Jersey.

For applications submitted on or after 7/10/24, the incentivized EV charger must have been purchased on or after 7/1/24.

Charging station must be new and installed at the applicant's New Jersey residence.

Applicants can apply for up to two charger incentives through the program; however, a second incentive is available only if the applicant has moved to a new address.

Only one charger incentive is available per vehicle registration (tracked by VIN).

Charger must be Energy Star Certified as of 03/15/2023.

Eligible Charging Models

ManufacturerModelModel Number
AmpureTurboConnect Wi-Fi Enabled 48A5112300A
AutelMaxiCharger AC LiteMAXI US AC LW12, MAXI US AC LW10-N14
AutelMaxiCharger AC Elite HomeMAXI US AC W10-N14, MAXI US AC W10-N6, MAXI US AC W12, MAXI US AC W10-N14-H, MAXI US AC W10-N6-H, MAXI US AC W12-H
BlinkIQ 200 AdvanceIQW2-80U-M1-R2-N-25
BlinkIQ 200 SmartIQW2-80U-W1-N1-N-25
BlinkMQ 200MQW2-50C-M2-R1-N-23
BlinkHQ 200 (Residential Unit)HQW2-50C-N1-N1-N-23
breezEVbreezEV L2BEVC-L2-48A-L1
BTC Power30-70 Amp Single PortL2 __ - __ -240- 16 - __
BTC Power30-40 Amp Dual PortL2 __ - __ -240- 15 - __
ChargePointHome FlexCPH 50
Cyber SwitchingCSE1 EV Charging Station w/ 4G, 48ACSE1-4G-BL
Cyber SwitchingCSE1 EV Charging Station w/ WIFI, 48ACSE1-WIFI-BL
Eaton Green MotionEV Smart Breaker ChargerGMEV32BAB-DC, GMEV32BR-DC, GMEV32BAB-JB, GMEV32BR-JB
Eaton Green MotionWall ChargerGMEV32BR-WC, GMEV32BR-WCPL
Eaton Green MotionBuilding ChargerGMEV40CME1B-WC, GMEV40CMC1B-WC
Eaton Green MotionBuilding Pro ChargerGMEV48CME1-WC, GMEV48CMC1-WC
Eaton Green MotionFleet ChargerGMEV80CME1B-WC, GMEV80CMC1B-WC
Eaton Green MotionFleet Pro ChargerGMEV80CME1-WC, GMEV80CMC1-WC
Enel XJuiceBox 32 HardwireN/A
Enel XJuiceBox 32 Plug inN/A
Enel XJuiceBox 40 6-50 Plug inN/A
Enel XJuiceBox 40 HardwireN/A
Enel XJuiceBox 40 14-50 Plug inN/A
Enel XJuiceBox 48N/A
Joint EVSEEVC1016AC, 32AC, 40AC
*Joint EVSEEVC1116AC, 32AC, 40AC, 48AC
*Joint EVSEEVC1216AC, 32AC, 40AC, 48AC
*Joint EVSEEVC1348AC, 70AC, 80AC
LiteOn32 AmpL2-LPWF
LiteOn48 AmpL2-PAX48WF
LiteOn80 AmpL2-LI80
*Phihong32A Wall MountN/A
Phihong48A Wall MountN/A
*Phihong80A Wall MountN/A
PlugzioCandoM3P140 U
Tellus Power GreenTPG AC L2UP160J
United Chargers Inc.Grizzl-E SmartGRS-14-24-P, GRS-6-24-P
United Chargers Inc.Grizzl-E Smart (Black)GRS-14-24-PB, GRS-6-24-PB
United Chargers Inc.Grizzl-E Smart (White)GRS-14-24-AB, GRS-6-24-AB
United Chargers Inc.Grizzl-E Smart (Green)GRS -14-24-PC
*United Chargers Inc.Grizzl-E Smart Commercial BundleGRS-14-24-CL, GRS-6-24-CL
Wallbox ChargersPulsar Plus 40APUP1-U-1-5-N-002, PUP2-U-1-5-N-002, PUP2-U-1-5-N-CC2
Wallbox ChargersPulsar Plus 48APUP1-U-1-6-C-002, PUP2-U-1-6-C-002, PUP2-U-1-6-C-ZP2
Wallbox ChargersPulsar Pro 40APUP3-U-1-5-N-002, PUP3-0-1-5-N-002
Wallbox ChargersPulsar Pro 48APUP3-U-1-6-C-002, PUP3-0-1-6-C-002


*chargers that are not Energy Star Certified will no longer be eligible for the incentive as of 03/15/2023


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