Eligibility Guidelines

The Charge Up New Jersey program to incentivize electric vehicles has paused as of April 17th, 2023. Dealerships and showrooms had until 9:00pm EST on Monday, May 1st, 2023 to enter all eligible orders from July 25th, 2022 to April 17th, 2023.

Currently, no additional funds are anticipated for FY 23. However, we will keep you updated on information regarding FY 24 funding for Charge Up New Jersey as directed by the NJ Board of Public Utilities.

The Charge Up Residential Charger Rebate remains active and is not impacted by the pause in the EV incentive program.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact CSE at chargeupnj@energycenter.org or call 877-426-2474.

Qualifying for a Charge Up New Jersey incentive is easy!

  1. Be a resident of the State of New Jersey, at the time of vehicle order, purchase or lease, which will be verified by the Dealership or Showroom via a current New Jersey Driver’s License. Only a New Jersey Driver’s License is eligible for residency verification. Utility bills, tax documentation, and other items with the applicant’s address will not be accepted.
    • Active-duty military members stationed in New Jersey, with permanent residency in another state, will qualify as satisfying the New Jersey residency requirement. Current military orders will be accepted as proof of residency documentation.
    • The FY23 Program is limited to individuals only. Businesses and other commercial entities, governments, and public entities are not eligible for this incentive.
  2. Remain a resident of the State of New Jersey for at least two (2) years after the Vehicle Transaction Date for the eligible EV that receives an incentive under the FY23 Program. This requirement does not apply to customers with permanent residency in another state who qualified for the incentive because they were active duty military members stationed in New Jersey at the time they ordered, purchased, or leased their vehicle.
  3. Agree that the entirety of the vehicle transaction, including any placing of an order, for an eligible vehicle must occur on or after the official launch of the FY23 Program on July 25, 2022, and in the State of New Jersey at a participating Dealership or Showroom.
    • Vehicles ordered in advance of July 25, 2022, the FY23 Program launch, are not eligible for a FY23 program incentive.
    • A vehicle ordered, purchased, or leased, and/or delivered out-of-state, is not eligible for the incentive. This includes vehicles ordered online and delivered outside of the State; any vehicle ordered online must be delivered in New Jersey to qualify for the incentive.
    • New Jersey residents, or active-duty military members stationed in New Jersey, who place an order with a participating New Jersey Dealership or Showroom to deliver a vehicle in New Jersey will be deemed to have placed that order in New Jersey regardless of whether they were physically in the state at the time.
  4. Agree that the Program Administrator will deem a purchase or lease completed when the purchaser or lessee of the vehicle has executed and signed a purchase contract, lease, or security agreement.
  5. Commit to not modifying the vehicle’s emissions control systems, hardware, software calibrations, or hybrid system.
  6. Retain ownership, or an active lease agreement, and registration of the vehicle with the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission for a minimum of 36 consecutive months immediately after the vehicle purchase or lease date. Customers who lease their vehicle must ensure that their original lease agreement explicitly lists a term of 36 months or longer.
  7. Acknowledge that they may receive only up to three (3) electric vehicle incentives from the Program throughout the 10-year period that the Program is active. By signing the agreement below, the applicant certifies they are eligible for this incentive and have not previously received more than two (2) during the program period.

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