EV Charger Incentive

Are you looking to install an electric vehicle charger at home? We are offering a $250 incentive toward your new electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

To advance electric vehicle (EV) adoption and support clean transportation in New Jersey, the Board of Public Utilities has approved $3 million to fund in-home EV charging. Residents can use their incentive for the purchase and installation of one of the eligible Level 2 charger models listed below.

Meet Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must satisfy the following conditions to qualify for an electric vehicle charger incentive:

  • Submit these supporting documents with your application:
    • Proof of purchase of a Level-Two smart charger.
    • A scanned photo of the serial number on the charging equipment.
    • Copy of New Jersey driver’s license as proof of residence and a unique identifier.
    • Valid NJ EV registration showing a residential address in New Jersey.
  • Charging station must be new and installed at the applicant's New Jersey residence.
  • Applicants can apply for up to two charger incentives through the program; however, a second incentive is available only if the applicant has moved to a new address.
  • Only one charger incentive is available per vehicle registration (tracked by VIN).